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HELLO and welcome to MATTHEW JAMES MEDIUM. For more information on my services which include 1-2-1 Home Readings, Skype Readings, Phone Readings, and 'Absent Readings' ... please visit my READINGS page (Or click on the BOOK HERE button below)

Hi, I'm Matthew James, welcome to my website. For those who are meeting me for the very first time I am a Renowned Shamanic Medium and Clairvoyant. Please feel free to explore my website to find out more about me. For those wanting psychic development or mentor-ship please feel free to email me at MATTHEWJAMESMEDIUM@GMAIL.COM

For those who don't know me, I am a UK born Professional Medium and Clairvoyant with over 30 years experience. I have made regular appearances on UK Sky TV & Australia's 4 ME TV channel. I am a regular IN STUDIO guest on the new PTV AUSTRALIA on Australia's Channel 7 Two.

I specialise in a form of 'spiritual communication' I have called ‘Shamanic Mediumship’ which is ‘a fusion of Traditional UK Mediumship and indigenous Celtic Shamanism & Druidism’. It is ME, it is who I am, and how I work best. I 'walk between the worlds' and am able to provide an accurate and insightful look into your life path. 

I have dedicated nearly 45 years of my life to ‘the world of spirit’ and offers this wisdom and guidance to you now …

"Matthew James is a natural born Medium, and a proven Clairvoyant Visionary who is able to provide ACCURATE FUTURE PREDICTIONS plus tune into your current situations and provide dynamic insights into what is happening in your life.

Matthew James is predominately Clairvoyant ("Clear Seeing"), Clairaudience (Clear hearing), Claircognizant ("Clear knowing"), Clairsentient ("Clear Sensing") and Clairsentinent ("Clear feeling").

He also receives information using, Clairalience ("Clear smelling") and Clairgustance ("Clear tasting")"

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'Distance is no object' ... I regularly undertake private readings for clients in The UK, USA & Canada,  Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, The Philippines, India, The Netherlands, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe.

I have a number of celebrity clients who always return for private and confidential sittings. I also have countless returning clients who make my weekly reading schedule extremely busy.

PTV AUSTRALIA can be watched on Channel 7 Two at 12.45am - 3.30am AEST every Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday morning.

Matthew James makes regular appearances at  Psychic Expos, throughout Australia, and undertakes his own unique Live Mediumship shows. He is also the facilitator of Intensive Mediumship Training (I.M.T) workshops & Self Development Workshops  (Visit the website HERE)

He is also Host of numerous internet radio shows including THE MATTHEW JAMES MEDIUM SHOW which is a two hour LIVE radio show on MJM FM ON MixLR ... for more details CLICK HERE ... 

Matthew James Medium