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The amazing Blog started in 2006 by Matthew James, and provides all you need to know about the mysterious world of 'The Occult'. A Light In The Darkness has over 16,000 visitors per week worldwide ... and is a fantastic reference library of the Occult subjects. Nearly 12 million unique visitors have so far visited this incredible blog.

 "Welcome to The Mystic Sea! Welcome to the realm of Mara Gimel. Mara Gimel means Camel Of The Mystic Sea. It is my role to lead you through this world of the occult, the unseen, the unexplained .... enter this realm with an open mind, and remember there is more to this world than we are being told .... it's time to remember what you have forgotten."

For more information visit Matthew James's blog A Light In The Darkness for all things occult, magick and controversial. (Simply click on the link and find yourself magically transported there ....!) 

A Light In The Darkness is updated daily ...

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Matthew James Medium