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Matthew James provides very accurate and insightful readings for his clients all over the world. Matthew was born in the UK, and has direct family lineage to a Celtic and Viking Ancestry.

Matthew James specialises in what he calls ‘Shamanic Mediumship’ which he describes as ‘a fusion between Traditional UK Mediumship and indigenous Celtic Shamanism and Druidism

Matthew James began seeing The Spirit World at the tender age of 6 years old. He recalls vividly ‘The Old Man with Gandalf-like hair’ who would visit him in his bedroom on a regular basis. Many of the significant events in his life predicted to him, throughout his childhood, have since come to pass.

His natural abilities of Clairvoyance and Mediumship having been extremely strong throughout his life, resulting in Matthew becoming a professional Psychic Medium in his late teens.

Over 30 years later, Matthew James, works in a unique and inimitable way! He prides himself in not following in anyone else's footsteps. In his own words, 'there is nobody else who works quite like me out there.' His ability to connect with 'the spirit world' is based on his own learning process; his own dynamic understanding of how the mechanism works; his own system of 'having feet in both worlds'.

Matthew James is a ‘Demonstration Medium’ and Inspirational Speaker. Matthew prides himself on being totally unique and different in his approach to his psychic work.

Matthew James is predominately Clairvoyant ("Clear Seeing"), Clairaudience (Clear hearing), Claircognizant ("Clear knowing"), Clairsentient ("Clear Sensing") and Clairsentinent ("Clear feeling").

He also receives information using, Clairalience ("Clear smelling") and Clairgustance ("Clear tasting"). 

"Curriculum Vitae" for Matthew James 

- Mediumship

-Shamanic Mediumship

-Totem Animals

-Clairvoyant Visionary

- Rune Master

- Tarot

- Soul Numerology

- The Ancient Crystal Oracle

- The Light Of Truth Oracle

- Self Development Training

- Intuitive Counselling

- Celtic Shamanism

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Matthew James offers in depth readings using tarot, runes, oracle cards and his own brand of Numerology known as ‘Soul Numerology’ which he devised himself and is based on a ‘traditional Romany oral system’ which his UK Mentor gave to him back in the 1990’s. This unique system of Numerology explores the life path of his client and outlines the do's and the dont's of the spiritual journey. It is extremely accurate.


Matthew James dedicates his mystical pathway to his UK Mentor, Paula, who sadly passed away in June 2013. Through her strict and insightful guidance, Matthew was able to fine tune his natural gifts and offer his own unique brand of Mediumship and Mentorship to his clients far and wide.

Matthew has the natural inherited shamanic ability to ‘live and breathe the aches, pains, mental and physical conditions’ of his clients and also of those souls who have departed from the Earth Plane.

Matthew James explains 'I work with voice vibration. When I hear your voice at the start of your reading I immediately link in to your life path, and I begin receiving information regarding your life.'

Matthew James offers accurate future predictions and insights into life paths. His vast experience as an Intuitive Counsellor ensures Matthew can help with the majority of life’s issues during readings.

Having suffered major setbacks and traumas himself, enables him to be genuinely compassionate and understanding to the problems of others. He literally can step into the shoes of his client and truly understand. An ability that enables him to provide his signature accurate insights regarding past, present and future. 

He has dedicated nearly 45 years of his life to ‘the world of spirit’ and offers this wisdom and guidance to you now

Much of his work is of a Shamanic nature, adopting his own inimitable methods of connecting with the authentic self of his clients, as well as respecting his role as an intermediary between this world and the Otherworlds.

He specialises in 'path of the soul' and 'wounded healer' consultations.

He is unique on his own path. There is nobody else out there quite like Matthew James ....

Matthew James Medium