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This represents a small selection of the kind & wonderful comments made by my clients over the past years. A "Comments Book" is available for viewing, on request, at the time of your reading ... 

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"True and genuine mediums are hard to find and Matthew James is exactly what he says he is. He has a natural gift and ability second to none. He brought many of my relatives through for me and gave me the comfort and closure that I needed." 

"The difference between Matthew and other readers I have been to in the past, is that Matthew doesn't ask who is in spirit......he TELLS!" 

Matthew I just want to validate some things you said in my reading... 110% accurate in every way!

•you predicted I would get a transfer or job offer for Brisbane- I did...

• You said I wasn't permitted to travel or leave Canberra until April. & until I finished my emotional journey here... I wrapped up everything and tied up some loose ends and unfinished business and Well, work has just confirmed I'm being transferred on the 1st April
•you said a "David" was coming through and he was linked to boats. U told me to tell u when I found out who it was.... I Found out that's my grandfathers uncle David...
•u saw the scar on my belly button without physically seeing it- amazing 😌
•u said I would have some dramas with someone from my past involving phones/jealousy etc- I did.
•now to kick back and enjoy my new life in Queensland as you predicted and let's see what else comes true over the next 12 months ❤ - Jess S on Facebook

"I think anyone strong enough to share a gift like yours so openly in the world is a remarkable person. So I take it upon myself from everyone you have ever spoken to on any plane, thank you for being such a courageous and strong person to have followed your calling and sharing your talent." - Lisa

This is one of the most heartwarming testimonials I have ever received ... 

"I am writing on behalf of my dad. He is 80 and had his first reading of his life with Matt a month ago. Ive got to say I have never seen my father should I put it.....gobsmacked, as he was when he came out from his reading the Matt. There were so many things that Matt had got right, but the biggest one was t
he lump on dad's leg (which none of us knew about except dad).  I went in for a reading straight after dad and the first thing Matt said to me is this......your mum is saying (mum is passed) your dad has a lump on the top of his leg he has to get out now. Not after he gets back form his holiday in September ...NOW!!!  Ok so we get dad to the docs on Tues (the reading was the Sunday). 
The doc cuts it out straight away...its a Melanoma borderline stage 2/3. He got the rest of it cut out this week and we find out today if they got it all (im sure they did). Me personally I just wanted to say thank you so much Matt for coming up here to Brissy and saving my dad's life. And once again sharing your gift. You know I now realise people may not always get the reading they want ....but from a true psychic like Matthew James you get the true reading you need! Your a gift to this earth Matt xxx"

A Testimonial from a 2013 Melbourne Party Booking: '"Hey Matt....I wanted to let you know that last year you told Belinda that her and her husband were going to have a baby around March/April this year after trying to conceive for ten years. I am happy to tell you she gave birth to her precious wee baby boy Mason on Friday at 10.01 am. Such wonderful news. It is good to see you back and in full swing again. I must book in......I really need it!! Take care xx" (Linda - 9th March 2014)

Some recent Phone Reading testimonials:

Client ID: 10061024 "Matthew James has demonstrated more mediumistic ability to me personally than any other medium. If you want proof, see this guy. I think he is amazing"

Client ID: 10061018 Wow Matthew...thank you, thank you, thank you...the phone cut off because we reached the 30 minute slot for phone are spot on with both sets of grandparents"

Client ID: 10061017 "Matthew you were spot on about the man coming in to my life and about me. I couldn't fault your reading you were spot on. Thank you for giving me hope for the future with this man."

"Well,What a fabulous reading l have just had from brilliant Matthew;he really is a fantastic medium.Matthew is very inspiring and upbeat.Thank you dear Matthew;wonderful." (User 1442)

"So much information in so little time. Connected very well, gave very accurate information with the little info i provided. Spot on. So pleased to have been lead to you. I will remember your advice, hope to speak to you again soon. Thanks for the guidance, i feel a lot better to forge ahead. Give him a try, you will not regret it. Love and Light" Ola (User 19630)

Matthew is without doubt up there with the best. I have had many readings and Matthew is one who will stand out as he gives an in depth and meaningful insight into your situation. There is no need to answer questions and none of the gifts he gives you are vague - be prepared for him to see right into your problem and yet to chat to you about ways to resolve it as if he was an old friend. If you would like a direct reader and would like to be surprised by the amount he can give - then give Matthew a call. Thanks Matthew - SM. (User 19424)

Absent Reading Testimonial

Hi Matt, I just want to thank you for the wonderful reading you gave for my mother recently, Yvonne.

She was overwhelmed, enthralled and amazed with your accuracy, grandma is definitely a nasty piece of work, She has been nasty to mum her whole life yet no one is able to explain why she is like this and it doesn't make any sense. Everything you said about mum's health problem was true and spot on, and everything that you said about Grandma and her boyfriend of 19 years was true and spot on. Towards the end of the reading you were picking up on my Dad who is divorced, mum is still friends with him. It was hard to pick up on whether Dad was speaking to you in spirit or on the earth plane because his soul has always been a bit loose and he went through a near death experience this year. Thank you again and we really do believe that your reading was highly valued and appreciated, and it helps quite alot.
Yvonne and Gabrielle L

Psychic TV Oz Testimonials

March 2014:  "THANK YOU dear Matthew for that meaningful reading. YES! As always, you are spot on! You are right about my Dad, and the musical 'changes', and the instrument (a wind instrument similar to a clarinet.) and that I am starting this new musical adventure for health reasons - as well as for pleasure. Dear, dear Matthew - we love you so, and I am so happy to see you with us again. BLESS YOU! xoxoxo" (Audrey)

"Matthew you were spot on about the man coming in to my life and about me. I couldn't fault your reading you were spot on. Thank you for giving me hope for the future with this man. Your terrific. Love and light to you and your wife." (Denise Hancock)

2013: Wow Matthew...thank you, thank you, thank you...the phone cut off because we reached the 30 minute slot for phone are spot on with both sets of grandparents, my uncle Eric (my dads twin brother) and my pets on the other side...I will follow my instincts with this baby as I feel I am pregnant...with my craving for New York cheesecakes... xxxxxxx

Thank you Matthew for the reading...yes I am actually a teacher..primary school but work in a university many psychics have mentioned someone not far away...some of the cards make me feel it is someone I have lost track with that may come back of your cards the visionary...made me feel that way...can't wai

"Thank you for my reading tonight regarding my spiritual development. Oh the diabetes was back, as was my grandfather. I should let you know I am diabetic too, so I think it must be very powerful. It's hard to be brave when your inner critic starts up and the fact that you knew this was strong in me was a relief. And yes, meditations is not something I have mastered on any level, because my insecurity arises. How right you were again."

"Hi Matthew, Im M-----, the female upcoming shaman you spoke to last night on PTV. You have been the first person ever to understand what I am going through and the hugeness of it, I have been terrified but you unlocked a lot of answers for me. thankyou so much, M---- 

A testimonial from a home reading:

" did a reading for me some months ago and you had mixed feelings about what you said. For my son who doubted what I told him you said, it has been an eye opening moment. Spot on mate, even the time frame. It has all started to happen and good things are coming to him. Thank you for peace of mind. He didn't believe in it first but then it was always at the back of his mind that "maybe...just maybe" and now it's happening. Thank you so much."

A testimonial from a recent returning interstate Skype Reading client: 

"Hi Matt, I just wanted to thank you for the reading today. I spoke to my parents after the reading and my dad told me he is planning to come see me here! It's hard to describe how grateful I feel that my grandparents are always watching over me and my family. I hope I will be able to help people with what I have, like you always do and you did for me today. Best wishes" - Kana

A testimonial from Jason Betts (Australian Psychic of the Year, 2008; Tasmanian Psychic of the Year 2010; Manager, The Circle Psychic Line Australia): "Matthew James has demonstrated more mediumistic ability to me personally than any other medium. If you want proof, see this guy. I think he is amazing"  

From the "COMMUNICATION WITH SPIRIT" Live show on 28th July 2012

"It was a great day Chris and I thought Matthew was spot on so many times.  He has a very different way of connecting than many other mediums - especially that he is so in tune with their physical ailments when passing.  I thought you both made a great effort to put the day and night altogether Chris and the donation to domestic violence was super :)  So thank you both." -- Barbara P 

Matthew, thank you SOOO much for your reading for my hubby and I it was spot on!!! I do feel like I would like to give Reiki a go and yes, we are hoping the pram connection comes along soon =)- Mona M=) (July 2011)

The difference between Matthew and other readers I have been to in the past, is that Matthew doesn't ask who is in spirit......he TELLS! He gave proof of my family members, even their mannerisms came through, names, illness etc. Truly genuine! I will certainly be back!!Andrea (1999)

I have been to many readers. Being spiritual, I really do feel Matthew has a gift and such a beautiful soul! He assisted with gaining my strength and confidence and his energy and aura is just amazing. Not to mention he was accurate in everything he said. Told only with truth. Absolute white light and strength is felt during his readings. I will definitely be seeing him again.
Cat B (via email September 2011)

'True and genuine mediums are hard to find and Matthew James is exactly what he says he is. He has a natural gift and ability second to none. He brought many of my relatives through for me and gave me the comfort and closure that I needed.' - Susan (1998) 

' Very accurate reading, I will definitely see Matthew again' - Dawn (1999)

'Thank you Matthew, I now feel that I have a future worth living. I will be able to be strong and make the changes I know I have to make'- Diane (1999)

' Just to say, many thanks for understanding how I felt inside when nobody else did. You are the first person in about 5 years I have been able to have eye contact with. Many Thanks- Julie (1999)

'Totally refreshing & inspirational. I would like to come back one day when I feel ready' - Rose (NZ 12/99)

 To say he was 'accurate' would be an understatement! He re-affirmed my own beliefs & self questioning in an enlightening way - Len (4.6.99)

Matthew was very good and got me to a tee, I feel and know he will go far and make a name for himself. Very enjoyable couple of hours and look forward to meeting with him again'- D. Webb (1999) 

''Thanks for your guidance. Very accurate and insightful perceptions" - Anne (8.8.99) 

I had a telephone reading from Matthew, wasn't expecting him to be so accurate. I told him nothing, yet he knew all about my past like he had been following me! Spooky, but awesome. I am still in shock by his accuracy!'-Belinda 

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Psychic TV Oz Testimonials

"DEAR MATTHEW! Thank you so much for your reading for me. I am AMAZED at the fact that you picked up something about me that I've not mentioned to anyone here, and which is not the kind of thing anyone would guess. It's true - I used to dabble, for light entertainment, in other kinds of music, including 'Gershwin', (popular with Jazz singers) but my main expertise was in the classical field. I was a concert and competition singer for many years, (you can see from my profile picture - taken in 1987) and even made appearances in Civic Concerts in the Brisbane City Hall. When you mentioned 'Opera' I just about fell off the bed! YOU ARE RALLY ACCURATE! And yes, I am making a lot of changes in my life this year, and I found your reading inspiring and encouraging. BLESS YOU! xoxoxo

I would just like to say a big thank you to you for my reading tonight, I was 'J' -/--/---- and yes we were having a laugh too just as you said we were. The grandfather was on my mother's side and just before he passed his hearing went so I think that might have been him. Yes I am actively looking for a new job and I was pleased to hear it will be before the end of my 9 vibration. Also the clear path after march will be my marriage to the wonderful man you saw in my life. Thanks for the validation that I was on the right path."

"May I send my thanks to you for an amazing reading on tv tonight. I was L-A --/--/----. You called me a nightingale. I'm amazed. I'm a counsellor. I work with the vulnerable and I am beginning to explore my light side. You also indicated to the chest area, and shortness of breath. I have just finished chemotherapy for breast cancer and has left me breathless. You were also tongue tied, chemo does that to memory and my ability recall details. Bless you.

Hi I just want to thank you so much for my reading on tv, I was 'K' --/--/----. My grandfather had diabetes as does a lot of people in my family, my grandfather died from cancer and he was my father figure when my dad wasn't there as I was very close with him, who I believed you connected with in my reading. I like to finish everything I start and my mum says that I was born determined, you almost called me Sharon, one of my teachers does the same thing, I can't wait to see a new relationship this year. Thank you so much xx" 

 A testimonial from a recent Mind Body & Spirit Festival: 

"Hi Matthew! I keep forgetting to message you. After your reading at MBS Melbourne I kept thinking it was my mum that they were telling you about so I prepared myself for the worst as she has Leukemia and has been having chemo for the last 5 months. She has been feeling good though so I was confused. Turns out the person who came through was probably not my grandfather but my partner's father or grandfather! My partner's mum had been in a home for the last 5 years and had a few health issues. Shortly after the reading she started deteriorating as you said and passed away on the 21/6 - she was 93. I really wanted to let you know as I know how important feedback is and I wanted to thank you again for good info that has made me think. You did say she didn't have a lot of time but enough time and that is exactly how it happened"

A testimonial from a recent Live Radio reading:

 "Hi Matthew!!! Thx so much for the reading from my grandfather when I asked who for any messages from spirit. Although you weren't feel well, you got a lot of hits, including me moving, possible health issues and me signing a last minute contract after possibly performing in front of a live audience. He also mentioned something about me reconciling with someone possibly from a past relationship or family member, so I can understand that also possibly. When you mentioned something about scripts, that was exciting since television and film is all about reading scripts. I have just signed with a television/film and commercial agent and plan on getting a new car and move out of this apartment sooner rather than later into a home!! I was just looking at homes yesterday and have been looking online at homes in various beach areas daily for the past two months or so." (E.H – Sun 5th Aug 2012) 

 I had a reading with Matthew (Psychic Fair Ringwood, Vic) this year and I would highly recommend Matthew for a reading . Mine was very accurate and in the demonstration also my sister received a reading which was also accurate , including receiving her name . ( Thanks Matthew) - Heather 9th July 2012 

A testimonial received by e-mail recently:

"Hi Mathew, I'm not sure whether you remember me, but I did a reading with you about a year ago. That reading was amazing and life changing. Since then I took steps to begin my own website design business to rediscover a passion for my work, and spend more time with my family. Thankyou for bringing three past family members to the reading too. It was wonderful to have them guide me. Thanks again. Regards, S.Coll .."

A testimonial from a recent Skype reading

"I would love to say a big thank you to Matthew James for the amazing reading i had on the 30th of May 2012. He told me things that only i knew and things about my partner that i didnt know until it was confirmed later that night when my partner listened to the reading. Absolutely mind blowing I will definately keep you lol. Also just to let you know my partner still hasing touched Alcohol and said that he never will again. Thank you I think you have just saved his life and my sanity. I cant wait for our wedding next summer." - Kathy 

Video Reading Testimonial

My dear Matthew!

I can only say WOW!! You are so razor sharp and you hit the nail on the head several times for me.... I loved the fact that I could watch the video over and over and over again and get better insights each time I watch.... You said many things, and the only thing that I desired was that it would be longer.........

Do you have longer video readings???? I know you touched many many things, but it would be great if I could also get a longer video reading...... I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends!!! wow!

Thank you so much for your time and sharing your passion, talent and work with me......  


Video Reading Testimonial

Hi Matthew - thank you very much for the video reading. I could connect with much of what you had told me. I have suffered hearing loss for many years as a result of ear infections as a child. I actually wear a hearing aid. My father and my grandfather have both passed and I felt very comforted knowing that they had both come through. I have just recently been able to make contact with my father through mediums. 

It was a blessing to know that it was not my children who took my jewelry. My son does in fact have a girlfriend who lived with us and they were not very good for each other. You were also correct that it was a chain. I am missing a few of them. 

As far as the man I will meet, I thought it odd that you mention it was not Robert, since the last person, I was seeing was in fact a Robert (he went by Rob) and I felt I had a very good connection with me, but he ended it, and I have missed him very much. So perhaps he was not meant to be.

I thought your reading was very accurate and I most definitely will consult you again in the future. I will also recommend you to others, who have a strong belief as I do in the afterlife and connecting with those who have passed.

Thank you, you did provide me with much comfort.


Matthew has fantastic ablilities that lie in a variety of areas. He is an excellent Medium, Tarot and Rune Reader.  He has exceptional gifts. I have had the pleasure of having a few readings with him and having him connect to departed loved ones and the messages you gave to me about my future- Sue. 

This was my second reading with Matthew and as accurate as the first. I totally put my trust and belief in Matthew. I think he is very good' -Martine

Matthew James Medium